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Custom Travel Website Development Solutions

Posted by on Jun 25, 2017 in Blog

There are many providers that offer general website development services on the web. But when you are starting a specialized website such as Travel, you want to deal with programmers and developers that have relative experience in the area so that your money is not going towards them learning how to complete the work. Researching on suppliers for online custom travel website development solutions you may run into few main providers that seem like leaders in the industry. It is important to search around and find matching development team that suits all your needs and in your price range. Below you can find some of the top 3 custom web design options in 2017 for custom solutions – – Founded few years back it has quickly became one of the leading options for web development in the travel industry. They cater to larger projects that need API integration with top GDS’s such as Amadeus, Sabre and Galleleo. If you are in need of advanced travel services integration and setup, look into them as option for your needs. – Running for over 4 years Travelerrr continues to provide turnkey travel website solutions for new entrepreneurs looking to step into the online business. Using turnkey affiliate programs that let...

Learn More Affiliate Program Review

Posted by on Apr 26, 2017 in Blog

Introduction covers 20,000+ locations worldwide partnering with 550+ car suppliers. Already, they have around 2500+ affiliates working with them. They are experts in their business and know how to provide quality service to their customers. Now, let us check out the factors that make it worth getting affiliated with It is very essential to thoroughly go through the credibility of the company, pros and cons of the affiliate program, how good the product is, how well do they handle the affiliate’s query and how efficient they are in giving out the commission. So, this articles evaluates on all these factors. Advantages 1. Booking Engine – is known to provide an ultimate booking engine full of cool features like Easy customization Multilingual searches Multi-currency payment options Website theme oriented looks etc. All these features are backed by skillful technical help. No extra development cost is asked for these services. 2. Payouts Process – The affiliates can look for some good money making opportunities with commission upto 70%. More bookings will automatically make the affiliates eligible for more payouts. 3. Joining process – Generally, prospective affiliates have to wait for weeks to hear from a company after they have applied for their affiliate program. But, with

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Top 10 Travel Web Marketing Ideas

Posted by on Mar 19, 2017 in Blog

The internet has turned into a swarmed market place for travel agencies. However, it does not mean that you cannot compete with the rest of the online travel agents and other indirect competitors such as airlines and hotel chains which are selling their products on their websites. It is possible to be competitive if you can come up with marketing ideas that will help you online travel business to stay afloat. Great marketing creative and tips can be implemented on travel websites to generate more income for the business. Here are the top 10 travel web marketing ideas that can have positive impact on your business’ bottom-line.     No hard selling. Forget about the pitch and don’t force yourself too hard to the audience. Overselling can turn-off potential market and may ditch you for your competitors. Learn how to engage with your market and don’t just send one-way message to them. Your goal is to make them part of your world. Use social media. You can easily get the message across with the use of social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google+, YouTube and a lot more. Create accounts on these popular social media sites and it will be easier to spread the message on the...

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Top 5 Online Travel Business API

Posted by on Mar 13, 2017 in Blog

There are various travel business APIs which offer wide variety of potentials. Among the various travel APIs include those made for booking of hotels and flights, there is also a travel API for transportation request, price comparison, travel reviews and a lot more. These top 5 online travel business APIs are based on diverse set of criteria such as functionality, user-friendliness, popularity and potential.     Skyscanner   API Documentation URL: This is the foremost travel search site and offer price comparisons on hotel accommodation, car rental services and flights. They utilize 1000 airlines for the flight comparison. The hotel deals come from the most popular cities or places in the world. The Skyscanner APIs gives a neatly designed website but still provided the necessary information that travelers may need.   Expedia   API Documentation URL: If you are looking for an API that is focused on vacation packages, then Expedia is the perfect choice. It also presents information regarding hotels, flights and travel destinations. There are set of APIs that website developers can utilize in order to add hotels, car rental booking and flight comparison capabilities. There is extensive information that developers can use to better understand the API of Expedia.   Uber   API Documentation URL: This...

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Top 8 Wholesale Travel Suppliers

Posted by on Mar 7, 2017 in Blog

Travel wholesaler as defined is an agent who offers travel-related products and services inside the travel industry. These travel-related products include tours, activities, accommodations and transportation. Most travelers prefer to book packages with includes almost everything (transportation, accommodation and tours). This is one of the reasons why wholesale travel suppliers play an important role in the travel industry. Wholesalers offer online booking for activities and tours and they should get commission in return. A worthwhile commission will surely motivate the wholesaler to generate prospective clients to the website of the travel suppliers. There are several wholesale travel suppliers but here are the top 8 based on what they can offer the potential travel customers:     JacTravel – this travel supplier is known as one of the world’s premier supplier when it comes to travel services and hotel bookings. There are two divisions in JacTravel, the first one is group tours. The group tours have remained unrivalled because of its ability to tailor-fit the needs of the customers. Groups visiting European destinations particularly Ireland and UK can personalize the tours depending on their preferences and needs. Another division of JacTravel is the B2B hotels, it offers online hotel accommodations which were hand-picked from various hotels worldwide. Reliance – this...

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