Start Your Own Travel Search Engine Site

Are you ready for this amazing website business opportunity?

Start your very own travel agent websites without spending thousands of dollars. That’s right, there is now a new opportunity to get established on the web with a high end Travel Business setup with your API affiliate links so you make money from one of the most popular niches with high demands and high payouts.

No matter what people will need a way to book their travel details including flights, hotels and other travel related options including rental cars, travel insurance, vacation activities, etc. Travel agents are old news. Websites are the new way of booking travel. The demand is here to stay and so we have created a turnkey online business model for you to yield a percentage from the billion dollar travel industry. How does it work?

Its simple! We make it easy. Only need the following to start your travel site:

1.Domain Name – Get a travel related domain name that can be branded. Choose a domain name that you would be proud to tell your friends and family you own. We also have prebranded domain name options ready for you to choose from.

2.Web Hosting – In order to run any website online a domain name needs a web host. A web host is like a home for your site, a place to organise everything so that it can be visible to the public. Web hosting companies we recommend include hostgator and bluehost. Web hosting is very cheap and no matter what if you plan on starting a site, a web hosting is necessary. We can help you choose a good host you can trust for your site.

3.Affiliate Info -The last thing you need for your travel search engine is your travel affiliate links. We have 3 major travel affiliates we work with that have some of the highest affiliate payouts in the industry. Sign up for free to get your affiliate details, send them to us and we will integrate your affiliate details into the search areas of your site so you are setup to be making the earnings when customers use your site.

And thats all there is to it! Your travel Search Engine site can be up and running, monetized and ready to grow profits. Grow traffic, grow sales!


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